OpenZFS on Windows Server 2019

Purely for fun, I grabbed a development build of OpenZFS on Windows today. v0.23 Hagliga has a date of 20200402. The kernel driver is signed.

I used a Xeon D-1537 system, with 1x16GB DDR4 ECC RDIMM, four 10TB spinners, and a 100GB SSD.

  1. After installation, I rebooted.
  2. wmic diskdrive list brief zfs-windows-00
  3. Create pool. zpool.exe create -O casesensitivity=insensitive -O compression=lz4 -O atime=off -o ashift=12 tanker raidz1 PHYSICALDRIVE2 PHYSICALDRIVE3 PHYSICALDRIVE4 PHYSICALDRIVE5 zfs-windows-01
  4. Confirm the drives are added. zpool.exe status zfs-windows-02
  5. The performance is far better than Storage Spaces [Direct] with 1 node. zfs-windows-03
  6. Add an Intel S3700 100GB ZIL. zpool.exe add tanker log PHYSICALDRIVE1 and confirm it got added. zfs-windows-04 zfs-windows-05
  7. Bench the 4x10TB drives in raidz1, with a 100GB ZIL. These numbers don’t make much sense. zfs-windows-06
  8. After reboot, zpool.exe import tanker remounts the pool.