Ubiquiti EdgeRouter 4 on Bell Fibe FTTH

On a Bell gigabit Fibe FTTH connection, I removed the ONT from the HomeHub (HH3000) and connected it to a Ruckus ICX 7150-C12P switch. I added VLAN35 (tagged) on the interface, then added an untagged interface to my EdgeRouter ER-4 (eth3 in the example below).

On my EdgeRouter, I needed to set MSS clamping to ensure all websites were loading correctly:

set interfaces ethernet eth3 pppoe 0 mtu 1492
set firewall options mss-clamp interface-type pppoe
set firewall options mss-clamp mss 1412

Experimentally, I wasn’t able to get 1452 for the TCP MSS to work correctly.