Using 10GBase-T SFP+ modules with HPE Aruba 2930F JL258A

Like a few other people, I picked up some refurbished/renewed HPE Aruba 2930F JL258A switches, since they were cheap. Eventually, I also sourced some cheap power supplies.

Since my house only has CAT6 in the walls, and I haven’t been successful getting optical fiber thru the walls, getting everything upgraded to 10Gbps has been difficult; I’m forced to use the built-in wiring, which means 10Gbps SFP+ to 10GBase-T modules.

Problem is, this silent, passively cooled L3 switch doesn’t have any officially supported 10GBase-T modules available.

With SW-Version > 16.02, the switch doesn’t work with non-HPE/Aruba transceivers

# config
# allow-unsupported-transceiver

Even with this the following modules do not work:

This works: